Fare Payment Information

Using Light Rail Ticket Machines

Four Simple Steps...One Easy Commute
  1. Select Pass or Ticket Type
  2. Select Quantity
  3. Insert Payment
  4. Take Ticket

Pre-paid tickets: If you are using a pre-paid ticket, you must validate it in the slot located on the ticket machine before boarding light rail. A Single Fare ticket is valid for 90 minutes on all three light rail lines.

Proof of fare payment is required before boarding light rail: Violators are subject to citation under California Penal Code Section 640.

Fare vending machine malfunction: If all of the fare vending machines are not in working order at the light rail station you are departing from and you are unable to purchase or validate your ticket or pass, you may board the train without fare. If a Transit Agent requests your proof of fare payment while on the train, explain the malfunction. They will verify the status of the fare vending machines. If at least one of the fare vending machines is in working order, you will still be responsible for having the proper fare.

For your convenience: You can buy the following SacRT passes and tickets directly from fare vending machines.

Passes & Tickets Available on Fare Vending Machines

Type Price
Basic Monthly Pass $100.00
Basic Semi-Monthly Pass $50.00
Basic Daily Pass $7.00
Discount Daily Pass $3.50
Basic Single Fare $2.50
Discount Single Fare $1.25

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