Fares and Passes

Single & Daily Pass Fares

If you are: Your fare is Single Transfer Ticket Daily Pass
Age 19 - 61 Basic $2.50 $0.25 $7.00
Senior (age 62+) Discount $1.25 $0.25 $3.50
Person with Disabilities Discount $1.25 $0.25 $3.50
Student (grades K - 12) Discount $1.25 $0.25 $3.50

Golden 1 Center Event Fares

Event Round-Trip Pass* Per Person $5.00
Discount Event Round Trip Pass* Per Person $2.50
*Purchase a round-trip fare pass to an event with a single transaction. Rider must have a valid Golden 1 Center event ticket. Can only be purchased at a Parkeon (dark grey) light rail station fare kiosk.

10 Trip Tickets

Type # of Tickets Book Price
Basic Single Fare 10 $25.00
Discount Single Fare 10 $12.50
Daily Pass 10 $70.00
Discount Daily Pass 10 $35.00

Monthly Passes & Stickers

Discount (senior, disabled or student) monthly or semi-monthly stickers must be affixed to a valid SacRT photo ID, with the exception of the student stickers, which may be attached to a school issued photo ID.

Type Price
Basic Monthly Pass $100.00
Basic Semi-Monthly Pass $50.00
Senior/Disabled Monthly Pass/Sticker $50.00
Senior/Disabled Semi-Monthly Pass/Sticker $25.00
Super Senior Monthly Pass/Sticker (age 75+) $40.00
Student Monthly Pass/Sticker $20.00
Student Semi-Monthly Pass/Sticker $10.00
Yolo Express Sticker* $25.00
*Yolobus Express stickers are available for transferring between SacRT and Yolobus Express buses to Davis, Winters, and Woodland. Requires a SacRT Monthly Pass.

SacRT Fares Accepted by Other Transit Agencies (Click Here for PDF)

Bus: Passengers are required to pay a basic or discount single fare for each trip or may purchase a daily pass valid for unlimited rides on that day.

Light Rail: Single ride tickets are valid for 90 minutes from time of validation on light rail only, or pay the 25 cent transfer fee when boarding a bus.

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