Fares and Passes

Single & Daily Pass Fares

If you are: Your fare is Single Daily Pass
Age 19 - 61 Basic $2.75 $7.00
Senior (age 62+) Discount $1.35 $3.50
Person with Disabilities Discount $1.35 $3.50
Student (grades K - 12) Discount $1.35 $3.50

Golden 1 Center Event Fares

Event Round-Trip Pass* Per Person $5.50
Discount Event Round Trip Pass* Per Person $2.70
*Purchase a round-trip fare pass to an event with a single transaction. Rider must have a valid Golden 1 Center event ticket. Can only be purchased at a Parkeon (dark grey) light rail station fare kiosk.

10 Trip Tickets

Type # of Tickets Book Price
Basic Single Fare 10 $27.50
Discount Single Fare 10 $13.50
Daily Pass 10 $70.00
Discount Daily Pass 10 $35.00

Monthly Passes & Stickers

Discount (senior, disabled or student) monthly or semi-monthly stickers must be affixed to a valid SacRT photo ID, with the exception of the student stickers, which may be attached to a school issued photo ID.

Type Price
Basic Monthly Pass $110.00
Basic Semi-Monthly Pass $60.00
Senior/Disabled Monthly Pass/Sticker $55.00
Senior/Disabled Semi-Monthly Pass/Sticker $30.00
Super Senior Monthly Pass/Sticker (age 75+) $42.00
Student Monthly Pass/Sticker $20.00
Student Semi-Monthly Pass/Sticker $10.00
Yolo Express Sticker* $25.00
*Yolobus Express stickers are available for transferring between SacRT and Yolobus Express buses to Davis, Winters, and Woodland. Requires a SacRT Monthly Pass.

SacRT Fares Accepted by Other Transit Agencies (Click Here for PDF)

Bus: Single ride tickets on Connect Card or ZipPass arevalid for 90 minutes. Paper single ride ticket must be surrendered to the operator.

Light Rail: Single ride tickets are valid for 90 minutes from time of validation on light rail only. Daily and monthly passes are valid for unlimited rides on buses and light rail for the date(s) or month shown.

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