519 - GREEN LINE Train

7th & Richards/Township 9 Downtown 7th & Capitol 13th Street Light Rail
5:59a 6:05a 6:10a
6:29a 6:35a 6:40a
6:59a 7:05a 7:10a
7:29a 7:35a 7:40a
7:59a 8:05a 8:10a
8:29a 8:35a 8:40a
8:59a 9:05a 9:10a
9:29a 9:35a 9:40a
9:59a 10:05a 10:10a
10:29a 10:35a 10:40a
10:59a 11:05a 11:10a
11:29a 11:35a 11:40a
11:59a 12:05p 12:10p
12:29p 12:35p 12:40p
12:59p 1:05p 1:10p
1:29p 1:35p 1:40p
1:59p 2:05p 2:10p
2:29p 2:35p 2:40p
2:59p 3:05p 3:10p
3:29p 3:35p 3:40p
3:59p 4:05p 4:10p
4:29p 4:35p 4:40p
4:59p 5:05p 5:10p
5:29p 5:35p 5:40p
5:59p 6:05p 6:10p
6:29p 6:35p 6:40p
6:59p 7:05p 7:10p
7:29p 7:35p 7:40p
7:59p 8:05p 8:10p
8:29p 8:35p 8:40p
13th Street Light Rail Downtown 9th & K St Rose of Lima Light Rail 7th & Richards/Township 9
6:13a 6:19a   6:24a
6:43a 6:49a   6:54a
7:13a 7:19a   7:24a
7:43a 7:49a   7:54a
8:13a 8:19a   8:24a
8:43a 8:49a   8:54a
9:13a 9:19a   9:24a
9:43a 9:49a   9:54a
10:13a 10:19a   10:24a
10:43a 10:49a   10:54a
11:13a 11:19a   11:24a
11:43a 11:49a   11:54a
12:13p 12:19p   12:24p
12:43p 12:49p   12:54p
1:13p 1:19p   1:24p
1:43p 1:49p   1:54p
2:13p 2:19p   2:24p
2:43p 2:49p   2:54p
3:13p 3:19p   3:24p
3:43p 3:49p   3:54p
4:13p 4:19p   4:24p
4:43p 4:49p   4:54p
5:13p 5:19p   5:24p
5:43p 5:49p   5:54p
6:13p 6:19p   6:24p
6:43p 6:49p   6:54p
7:13p 7:19p   7:24p
7:43p 7:49p   7:54p
8:13p 8:19p   8:24p
8:43p   8:49p  
No Saturday Service

No Sunday and Holidays Service