Sacramento Regional Transit Real Estate

The Real Estate Department administers a district-wide program for right-of-way acquisition, asset management, Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and joint development related projects in support of SacRT's mission, vision and values by: Acquiring sites for transit facilities and support activities, responsibly managing SacRT's property, disposing of property no longer needed for operational purposes, and providing community value and improving the passenger experience through station activation, joint development and TOD activities.


Current Properties for Sale

SacRT's Transit Oriented Development program seeks to create mixed-use and mixed-income equitable communities through development partnerships on SacRT-owned sites that will generate revenues and increase ridership.

Following are opportunities currently available:

Notice: We apologize for any inconvenience, but SacRT will need to hold off on accepting any offers on SacRT surplus property dispositions pending review and adherence to the Surplus Land Act AB 1486 process.  It is important that we evaluate this Act to make sure we are incompliance with this Act before acting any offers.  We will post updates upon receiving the appropriate direction.

Asset Management

Asset Management functions include: Property management of SacRT's property and light rail right of way; generation and collection of income through the issuance of: Right of Entries, Permits, Leases and Licenses, for uses such as, roadway crossings, utility installations, fiber optics and other secondary uses; as well as, disposition sale of excess and surplus property.

If you would like to perform work on or through our parcels, or in the rail right of way, or need an easement or license agreement: please email your request to

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Application for Permit
Permit Fee Structure
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Transit Oriented Development

TOD is urban or suburban development that is located close to frequent, high-capacity transit such as light rail or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). It is specifically designed to create walkable, mixed-use environments that support a greater density of people. By integrating housing, employment, and other activity centers with high-quality transit, TOD encourages people to utilize public transit for trips that would otherwise be taken in an automobile. TOD benefits to the local community and the region include improved health and active lifestyles; increased access and connectivity to jobs, school, entertainment and retail opportunities; increased economic benefits and investment; reduction in vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions; and options for more affordable and diverse housing. (Please see TOD Guidelines)

New - The TOD Action Plan was developed to help local governments, property owners, developers, and the community support TOD projects that result in inclusive, sustainable, and connected communities. TO view the report, please visit:

The TOD Action Plan was developed to help local governments, property owners, developers, and the community support TOD projects that result in inclusive, sustainable, and connected communities. TO view the report, please visit:

Joint development is a strategic partnership between the public and private sectors to maximize the utility and value of the transit system and surrounding real estate, and benefits of both to the community (following Federal Transit Administration rules). SacRT is currently considering joint development of the following sites:

Florin Station Joint Development


The Acquisition Section is responsible for purchasing the property rights necessary for constructing and maintaining SacRT's transportation system. Functions are comprised of: Appraisal, environmental site assessments, relocation assistance, acquisition and leases. Current expansion projects are the: Bus Maintenance Facility 2 (BMF2), Green Line to the River District -- Downtown Natomas Airport (DNA) light rail extension, Northeast Corridor Double Track (NEC) Project and South Sacramento Corridor Phase 2 (SLP2) light rail extension.


Real Estate Department Contacts

Traci Canfield
Senior Manager, TOD & Real Estate


Renee Nielson
Senior Real Estate Analyst

Roxanna Burgos
Senior Administrative Assistant