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Monday through Friday

25th & Florin To Florin Towne Centre Eastbound

25th & Florin Meadowview Light Rail Phoenix Park & Restoration Florin Towne Centre Eastbound
6:29a 6:39a 6:47a 6:58a
7:29a 7:39a 7:47a 7:58a
8:44a 8:54a 9:02a 9:13a
9:44a 9:54a 10:02a 10:13a
10:59a 11:09a 11:17a 11:28a
11:59a 12:09p 12:17p 12:28p
1:14p 1:24p 1:32p 1:43p
2:14p 2:24p 2:32p 2:43p
3:29p 3:39p 3:47p 3:58p
4:29p 4:39p 4:47p 4:58p
5:44p 5:54p 6:02p 6:13p
6:59p 7:09p 7:17p 7:28p

Monday through Friday

Florin Towne Centre Eastbound To 24th & Florin

Florin Towne Centre Eastbound Phoenix Park & Restoration Meadowview Light Rail 24th & Florin
5:45a 5:57a 6:03a 6:12a
7:00a 7:12a 7:18a 7:27a
8:15a 8:27a 8:33a 8:42a
9:15a 9:27a 9:33a 9:42a
10:30a 10:42a 10:48a 10:57a
11:30a 11:42a 11:48a 11:57a
12:45p 12:57p 1:03p 1:12p
1:45p 1:57p 2:03p 2:12p
3:00p 3:12p 3:18p 3:27p
4:00p 4:12p 4:18p 4:27p
5:15p 5:27p 5:33p 5:42p
6:15p 6:27p 6:33p 6:42p


No Saturday Service

Sunday and Holidays

No Sunday and Holidays Service