How to Ride Guide

5 Easy Steps to Ride the Bus

How to Ride Bus Graphic

  1. Wait at your bus stop with exact change for your fare.

  2. When the bus approaches, wave to the driver to stop.

  3. Board bus and input money into the machine.

  4. Find your seat.

  5. Listen and watch for your stop.

  6. Pull  the yellow string to let the operator know you would like to get off at the next stop.

  7. Push the button or handle to open the rear doors, and exit.

5 Easy Steps to Riding Light Rail

How to Ride Light Rail graphic

  1. Purchase a ticket at the fare vending machine.  Light rail passengers who fail to show proof of payment
    may be fined.

  2. Wait on the correct side of the track.  The blue and white signs can tell you on which side you should stand.

  3. When the train arrives, push the button on the door to enter.

  4. Find your seat.

  5. Listen and watch for your stop.

  6. When you arrive at your station, push the button to open the door, and exit.

Light Rail Safety Tips

For Rail Safety Information from the Operation Lifesaver program please Click Here!

1. Train Approaching Station
Please stand behind the yellow caution strip as the train approaches. Do not touch the sides of the train while it is still in motion. Wait until the train has come to a complete stop before pushing the button to open the doors.

2. Train Departing Station
Wait until the train pulls out of the station before crossing the tracks to the other side of the station. Be aware that another train may be approaching in the opposite direction.

3. Tracks & Bridges
Light rail tracks are located in public streets and in restricted right of way areas. Itís not only unsafe but against the law to walk along light rail tracks and trespass on bridges or underpasses.

4. Traveling with Children or a Group
When you are traveling with children, always hold their hand when boarding or exiting the train. Doors are timed to close after boarding or exiting trains. Children or adults can be left behind if you do not board together. If you are separated from your group, call 321-2877 or tell the light rail operator or a uniformed RT employee.

5. Climbing Between Light Rail Vehicles
Climbing or riding on couplers between light rail vehicles is prohibited. Serious and fatal accidents may happen when people attempt to climb over couplers between light rail vehicles.

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