RT Installs New Light Rail Parking
and Fare Vending Machines

Beginning today, RT started installing 29 new fare vending machines at light rail stations, and Park-Pay-and-Ride stations (Franklin, Meadowview, Florin, Power Inn, Roseville Road, Watt/I-80 West, Watt/I-80). The new machines allow riders to purchase both parking passes and fare media from the same machine, using a credit or debit card. If you are paying with cash or coin, exact change is required.


There is no change to the daily or monthly fee to park, and parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Riders may pay each day either by cash, credit or debit card. Monthly parking passes are available online, at RTís Customer Service and Sales Center (located at 1225 R Street), some retail outlets, and will soon be available in the new fare vending machines.

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The new fare vending machines at the Park-Pay-and-Ride lots require customers to enter a license plate number instead of the parking space number. If no license plate number is available, customers need to enter the last four digits of the VIN (located at the base of the front windshield).


Also during the month of September, RT will be re-striping the Park-Pay-and-Ride station lots.


For more information about the Park-Pay-and-Ride program and the citation process, click here.

How to Use the New Light Rail Parking
and Fare Vending Machines






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