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Sacramento Regional Transit District - Police Services
Emergency Information

RT Security Services
RT has a team of security professionals consisting of full-time Police Officers, Sheriff’s Deputies, and private security guards to patrol RT's vehicles and facilities. For emergencies call 9-1-1. If calling from your cell phone, 9-1-1 may go directly to the California Highway Patrol. For a faster response when calling from your cell phone, contact the local Law Enforcement Agency for the area that you are located in at the time of the emergency. Save the following numbers in your cell phone for quick access.

California Highway Patrol 916-861-1300
Citrus Heights Police 916-726-3015
El Dorado County Sheriff 530-626-4911
Elk Grove Police 916-714-5115
Folsom Police 916-985-7551
Placer County Sheriff 530-823-4411
Rancho Cordova Police 916-362-5111
Roseville Police 916-786-6444
Sacramento Police 916-732-0100
Sacramento County Sheriff 916-874-5111

Non-Emergency Contact
To report non-emergency crimes or suspicious activity to the Regional Transit Police Services department, call 916-556-0275.

On Board Buses and Light Rail Trains
Every RT operator is in radio contact with the Bus and Light Rail Control Centers and is trained to respond quickly in emergency situations. The more quickly and calmly you let the operator know you need help, the faster assistance can arrive. Officers, Deputies, guards, and RT personnel are available to assist you.

Light Rail Emergency Buttons
Each train is equipped with a red emergency button located in the doorway. In an emergency, press firmly on the emergency button and the operator will notify the Light Rail Control Center, stop the train at the next station, and offer assistance.

At Light Rail Stations or Bus Stops
If no RT personnel are available, go to the nearest public telephone
and dial "
9-1-1." No change is required.

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