Collective Bargaining Agreements

Contract Documents    presented in PDF Format 

2015-2019 Contract AEA Contract
2011-2013 Contract AEA Contract
2009-2010 Contract AEA Contract Sec. 20.03, Signed
AEA Contract
Issue Paper and Summary of Changes
2005-2008 Contract AEA - Part A
AEA - Part B
Local 146
2014-2017 Contract AFSCME Administrative/Technical Contract
2015-2018 Contract AFSCME Supervisor's Contract
2012-2013 Contract AFSCME Administrative/Technical Contract
2008-2009 Contract AFSCME Contract
2005-2007 Contract AFSCME Contract
Local 256
Contract Extension
ATU Contract Extension
2014-2017 Contract ATU Contract (20 MB)
ATU Side Agreements
2009-2013 Contract ATU Contract
ATU Side Agreements
2008-2009 Contract ATU Contract
2004-2008 Contract ATU Contract
Local 1245
2014-2018 Contract IBEW Contract
2009-2013 Contract IBEW Contract
2007-2009 Contract IBEW Contract
2003-2007 Contract IBEW Contract


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