A New Sac RT Moves the Region

The Sacramento Regional Transit District (Sac RT) is undergoing an historic transformation to optimize service, seek continuous improvements, and bring greater value to our region. To learn more, download
A New Sac RT Moves the Region brochure here.


In the past 18 months Sac RT has been well on its way in its “Journey to Excellence,” and significant progress has been made to:

  • Improve the fiscal stability of Sac RT,

  • Attract new riders, and

  • Heighten our commitment to providing clean, safe and convenient mobility.

Our purpose is to provide a reliable and desirable transportation option for people who live, work and play in the Sacramento region.


Sac RT is excited to build upon our progress in a newly proposed Strategic Vision. The Vision is an ambitious, but essential, set of goals and specific initiatives to improve efficiencies, increase service and frequency, focus on “Customers First,” and address “State of Good Repair” challenges to ensure a sustainable future.


Sacramento has changed significantly over the last 30 years and so must our region’s public transportation system.


Sac RT is also preparing for a comprehensive route optimization study to analyze how we should be serving people taking trips in different areas of the region. Sac RT will take a fresh look at the system from a “blank slate” point of view. We look forward to community input throughout this process.


Imagine a World-Class Regional Transit System

  • Increased coverage and service to emerging activity centers (housing, employment, medical, shopping, and entertainment)

  • Redesigned bus routes that circulate within communities

  • Innovative approaches like bike or ride-share services to bridge the first and last mile, and build a seamless mobility network that will include electric and autonomous vehicles

  • Increases to the number of light rail and bus routes that operate at 10 or 15 minute frequency

  • More early morning, late night and weekend light rail and bus service

  • Improved and seamless bus connections to nearby light rail stations

  • More security and cleaning at light rail stations and on light rail trains

  • Affordable fares for all riders

  • Free Wi-Fi at stations and on light rail trains

  • Free rides to K-12 students

  • Free transfers between routes and services

  • A doubling of the bus fleet from 200 to 400 buses to better ensure service reliability and expand the bus network


We have great ideas for modernizing and enhancing the Sac RT system – However, it will depend on the level of local funding that is provided to support these improvements and service expansions. Greater funding will be needed to repair and replace outdated equipment, implement new technology, and to increase/expand service. Compared to regions such as San Diego and Portland, Sac RT’s local funding level is five times lower on average.


We want to help build awareness around the current state of our transit system, gather ideas and feedback from the community, and explore what could be done with additional Sac RT funding throughout the region.


Or contact: CustomerAdvocacy@sacrt.com to engage Sac RT.


At Sac RT, we are committed to serving you better with equitable, affordable, accessible, reliable, world-class service!


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