Rider Alerts - General

The list below includes information on planned detours and disruptions.

Garden Highway Construction
From now through March 2019, riders may experience minimal impacts on Routes 11, 86 and 88 due to construction on Garden Highway. During April and May, closures will be expected and detours may be required. More information will be shared as it becomes available
J Street Bus Stop Relocations
Due to the City of Sacramento’s protected bike lane project, the following bus stops have been changed:

Bus stop #1719 on J St at 21st St has been permanently discontinued. Riders can board the bus on J St at 22nd St.

Bus stop #1723 on J St at 28th St has been permanently discontinued. Riders can board the bus on J St at 27th St.

Detour on Route 212 until further notice

Due to on and off work on 53rd St along Route 212, buses will be using Stockton Blvd instead of 53rd St until further notice. Passengers who normally use the bus stop on 53rd St at Broadway should now use the bus stop on Broadway at 53rd St.

Upcoming Golden 1 Center Event Service
SacRT provides special service trains and extended Folsom service for major Golden 1 Center events. Please check gosacrt.com for information about event service.
Message Regarding Commute Time Trains
RT has received comments regarding short trains during commute hours. Unfortunately, RT has been struggling for some time now to meet our commute time peak vehicle requirement of 4-car trains (3-cars for VTA trains). A major part of our fleet, the Siemens light rail vehicles, reach the end of their 30-year useful life in March of this year. We realize that this causes crowding and while "standing room only" trips are common and considered normal during commute times for transit systems around the country, we certainly want to operate the design capacity of the system. A 30-year-old vehicle with several million miles of service, has more issues requiring maintenance and are less reliable overall. Staff is working diligently to repair and return vehicles to service as quickly as possible, but the real solution is to replace our aging fleet as they reach the end of their 30 year life. This will require a major financial commitment on the part of the community in order to fund light rail vehicle replacement and other state of good repair projects for RT's aging system. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.
During major Golden 1 Center events, RT Routes 11, 15, 30, 38, 51, 62, 86 and 88 may have to detour based on traffic conditions and road closures with little or no notice.
Rider Alert: 7th & K Station will permanently close effective (end of service day) on Friday, September 30, 2016.
RT Bus Service Disruptions
RT's bus service from time to time can be delayed by traffic congestion and other non-related RT events, with little or no notice, that may affect service. As part of a disruption, RT bus stops may be affected as well.

In order to help our customers get the most up-to-date information, we suggest checking real-time bus information through RT's mobile website at m.sacrt.com. Customers can also create an account for RT Tracker, to have personalized bus arrival times emailed directly at www.sacrt.com/tracker1.stm.