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Transit For Livable Communities

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The land use planning project called Transit for Livable Communities (TLC) includes 21 RT light rail stations in the Folsom, Northeast and South Sacramento Corridors. The final recommendations of the TLC project, including station area plans and implementation measures, were unanimously approved by Sacramento Regional Transit District (RT) Board of Directors in August 2002.

The project objectives were to devise land use recommendations for the 21 stations; to capitalize on the hundreds of millions invested in the existing and future light rail system; to develop informed and enthusiastic public support for Transit Oriented Development (TOD); and to identify ways for getting TODs built around light rail stations.

“Regional Transit is determined to encourage common-sense development that will enhance transit ridership,” said RT Board member Bonnie Pannell.

“This community has made a huge investment in light rail. RT’s TLC project should help everyone reap even more rewards from that investment.”
  Bonnie Pannell, RT Board

Recommended land use plans emphasize walkable designs, higher intensity development, and a mixture of residential, retail and office land uses, all designed to support and create unique, thriving communities at each station while encouraging transit use. The plans cover approximately a one-quarter mile radius around each light rail station.

The project included more than 100 outreach meetings in the community and more than a dozen public workshops, spanning nearly two years. The extensive public outreach program included bus tours of the stations, community workshops, presentations to business and community associations, interviews with local, regional and national developers, and regular briefings with City and County staff, appointed and elected officials, and RT Board members.

On August 26, 2002, the RT Board of Directors unanimously approved the TLC plan and recommendations. RT will continue to seek public involvement as the project moves into the implementation phase.

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